Happy 4th!!

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Happy 4th!!

Hey ladies! Seems like forever since I've posted...and it looks like everyone else too! Smile We've been keeping busy. I agreed to take on cheer bows for 75 little girls. They'll have 3 different ones to choose from, and order at the end of the month. I've been trying to work ahead and try to get some done before so I'm not going insane after the orders! Alyssa is getting her room redecorated for her birthday (I had NO idea what to get her, so this is her gift this year!), so I'm making some cuddly pillows for her room. We've been hitting the pool, and playing with friends too.

Yesterday was 1 month until back to school!!! I really think they're ready to go back and get into a routine. Alyssa is DYING to get back to dance!! I'm not sure I'm ready for having all the kids in school. Major adjustment!

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Happy 4th to the US ladies!!

Sounds like you've been busy Brandi! That's funny that your one month away from the start of school and my kids are on the first official day of summer vacation LOL.

We went camping over the weekend and had a great time. Its sooooo much work though, i'm still cleaning up from it! We are taking Amber into the doctors today as she has this nasty cough that won't go away. Wish me luck taking all 4 kiddos, during nap time - should be fun :roll:

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Brandi good luck getting the order done.
Melissa hope the appt goes well and the kids behave for you.

Just made the reservations for Sophia's Disney trip next year. She changed her mind and wants a Royal Storybook room at the Riverside Resort. They arent even built yet but they are booking so I hurried to do it because the number of the rooms are limited. They ar nice though. I hear there the headboards have special effects that the faucet handles are magic lamps ect. Everything in the room comes from a movie. They will book fast.

Saturday we had a nice cookout with my family, yesterday mom and I spent the day out browsing, trying on clothes, bookshop browsing and having dinner. It was so nice to have just the 2 of us.
Today just the kids and I are going over to my parents for a little bit and John is working on staining and sanding wood. Maybe we will head out to dinner together later. Kids eat free tonight at the 99 because the Red Sox won yesterday I think.