Happy Labor Day!

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Happy Labor Day!

It's hard to believe it's already September! We really haven't done a whole lot there this weekend, besides cleaning. My ILs were supposed to have a big gathering yesterday, but MIL had been sick with pneumonia recently so that was cancelled. Actually, it's been kind of nice not having a ton of stuff going on. I have my half marathon in less than two weeks, so that gave me a chance to get my long run in when it was good for me, instead of trying to make it work around everyone else's schedule.

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Happy Labor Day, Carolyn. I tried to take as much of it off as I could (my boss even told me to spend it with my family!) but I traveled last week for work and there is so much to catch up on... and I am still jetlagged. Sad I know that means I need to rest until I can come back fresh! Oh well. Glad you got to do something good for yourself. Hope your MIL is feeling better. Enjoy your month!

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Carolyn a quiet weekend is my favorite thing!
Welcome home Christa. Take some time off.

We did a cookout at my parents Saturday then the kids slept over. Sunday was quiet. John went golfing for a couple of hours and I read then we all went out to dinner. TOday we met my parents in New Hampshire to pick apples at a harvest festival. Very fun and a beautiful day for it. After that John took the kids out for a bike ride and I took a nap! I do not want this weekend to be over!