Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

I have one baby today until 3. He is a fun one too so today is ALMOST like a day off. I still have to get up earlier than I would have liked but it's low low key. Dinner out with my parents' and my sister. Sleep in tomorrow. Ahhh I love the holidays. I wish they could be every week.

Happy New Year! Hope we don't fall off the cliff. Those overpaid under worked dead beats in Washington had better fix their issues and pass something soon. I dont care who you vote for, right now the who lot of them are idiots over this. If my taxes go crazy over their stupidity I will freak out.

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I'm with you, Sam. How can they be so irresponsible!?
Enjoy your family evening and sleeping in tomorrow.

Happy New Year, everyone. Nicky woke up sick yesterday and still is going in and out of high fever and has lots of coughing. He and I will stay home from a party tonight, so that means Ava and Dave will have to party X 2. Wink Going to take down Christmas tomorrow, I guess.

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I'm so over those idiots in Washington! Don't get me started! Enjoy your low key day Sam...oh, and we must discuss Sister Wives!
Sorry N is sick ML. :(. Seems like everyone has got something right now!

Hanging out today and finishing laundry. I'm a party pooper, so I'll be in bed before midnight (although the crazy neighbors will probably wake me with fireworks!). Tomorrow I'll probably go shopping for some new clothes and we'll go out to dinner for my birthday. Looking forward to the kids going back to school next week...they're getting on each others nerves!