Happy September! :)
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Thread: Happy September! :)

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    Default Happy September! :)

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends and looking forward to fall. I am going through some old digital photos tonight and took a tour through my belly pics from my July 03 pregnancy. When I got to the 39w pic, I nearly fell out of my chair. DID WE REALLY DO THAT? How the H*** did my belly stretch to fit that 9 pounder in there? Whew. Just feeling incredulous at what our bodies are capable of. WE ROCK!
    XOXO to all you July moms. Love you!

    LEGOLAND 2010

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    Hello ladies! I can't believe it's September! The kids went off for the first day of school today! My baby is in grade 1! I can't wait to see them all when they get home.
    My summer was super busy and really fun. Other than my parents splitting up and my baby brother moving across the country to B.C. it was really good!

    ML I look back at old pregnancy photos sometimes too and I can't believe how big I was! Almost makes me want to have another. Almost. lol.

    Miss you all! I'm going to check in more often.

    DH - Shaun - May 18, 2002
    DS - Dylan - June 17, 2003
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    Physically, Georgia. Mentally, DISNEY!!!!


    I can't even think about being pregnant again ML! I don't even want to look at belly pics...especially when I was preggo with Tyler. I was HUGE!!
    Sorry to hear your parents are splitting up Samantha.

    12 days until Disney! Unfortunately, I will be sporting a big boot on my left leg for a stress fracture. Not nice. I'm not happy about it, but I'm not letting it ruin my vacation! The only time it can become an issue is if it starts raining and I can't run for shelter!!

    We got progress reports from school and the kids are doing well! Connor has really kicked it up a notch this year..proud of him! It validates my theory that it was his teacher last year. So thankful for his new teacher!!

    Alyssa is doing a duet for competition season with her best friend at dance. We chose one of the seniors to choreograph it for them. We're not expecting them to win 1st in overall, so we want them to have fun. They're both excited, and myself and her mom are watching more money fly out the window! LOL!

    Nothing else to report...same busy schedule as every school year. Discovering more crock pot meals than ever!!
    Brandi, Scott, Alyssa, Connor & Tyler!

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    ML I haven't seen belly pic for a long time. I could probably just look in the mirror to get an idea of what I looked back then. I need to drop a few pounds. We were so cute back then though I imagine!

    Samantha how awful about your parents. I am so sorry. How are you doing?

    Brandi rent a scooter. I mean it. DOn't try to do it without one. Just think of all the lines you will be skipping!

    John and I just celebrated 20 years of marriage. We went away for 2 nights to New Hampshire. NOthing fancy. We did one really nice dinner at a little in and did some hiking and drove to the top of Mt Washington. At the bottom was 75 degrees at the top was 38 with a 50 mile an hour wind. WINTER! And the road up was scary! Then we went and bought me a new IMac!! I love it! Never had a brand new computer before. THey were always hand me downs. This is just the best!!!

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