Happy V Day!!
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Thread: Happy V Day!!

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    Default Happy V Day!!

    I was so suprised this morning. I got up and was making the kids breakfast and in the places where they eat was a little gift and note for each from John. It was so cute! So then I am making lunch and I am looking for Luke's lunch box and I see a lump on the computer chair. I thought it was his lunch box. I lift up the sweater covering it and it's a gift bag for me!! My favorite slippers and Godiva with the sweetest card! All together now...AWWWWWW. He's so great.

    So I am working today. Sophia is home with a headache but she seems OK now. HHmm. Fast recovery. She will be helping me make meatballs and stamp invitations during naptime I suspect. She also has a meeting with the Rabbi tonight so she is doing that. For sure.

    Have a great day ladies!!!

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    That's so sweet of John. Have fun with Sophia today. Glad her headache is gone! Do you think she just wanted a day home with Mom today?

    DH brought me roses yesterday
    I ate to much chocolate yesterday, hope I can stay away from it today! We're going to make marshmallow pops today, found them on Pinterest. They look yummy! I found Kelli and Brandi on there too!

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