Happy Weekend! May 25+

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Happy Weekend! May 25+

Hello, ladies. We have two school days off Monday and Tuesday, so the kids are happy today. Too cold to go to the opening day of the pool, though. It may not even open; keep looking for the email saying that. This weather is nutso.

Ava has to have her tonsils out 6/13 and that is making her a lot more anxious about everything. Hoping she can keep it together over the next few weeks.

Hope there is some nice relaxation going on out there with you all. Wink

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Hope Ava can stick it out ML! Tell her it's not all that bad...2 of mine survived with no issues! Smile

We're out for the summer! Their last day was technically yesterday, but I kept them home since it was only a half day. Glad I did since Alyssa ended up with a fever. Her cough was bad, so I took her to the dr. She was cutting it close to pneumonia in her left lung. Sad So, she's on antibiotics and feeling much better this afternoon. Not the way I wanted to start off the summer!!

Not doing much this weekend or next week. Going to my mom & dad's on Monday for a cook out, and Alyssa has recital rehearsal on Wednesday. Next weekend is the killer...9 recital shows!!!!! If we make it through that, we can make it through anything!! I'm hoping they get a bigger venue next year. There's just too many kids and too many shows. By Monday, Alyssa will be a lump on the couch...and so will I!

Otherwise, not much going on. After the past 2 weeks, I'm happy to do nothing! Smile

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ML I hope Ava isn't too anxious about the procedure. She will get tons of ice cream!
Brandi glad Alyssa is feeling better. We still have another month of school but I can't wait for it to end. Enjoy doing nothing.

This last week was crazy. I dont know what got into the little kids but each day got worse until Friday when I wanted to run away. They were just acting nuts and fighting and taking tantrums for no reason. I couldn't get them to stop no matter what! The only time they were all sane was when they were stirring brownie mix but how long can that go on? The only thing keeping me from insanity was my upcoming week off. Haven't had one in 7 months so I am over due I think.

This weekend we did very little. Today we are going to my sister's for a cookout. I should try packing when I get home. We have a busy week and weekend next week so I should do it while I still can.

OOOHHHH!! and Sophia had her induction ceremony into the National Junior Honor Society!!! She chose her 6th grade English teacher as her honored guest and it was so touching. This teacher is the way you want all teachers to be. She is respected and expects the kids to work their hardest but she makes it so fun. She uses props and jokes and stories to teach but the kids still have so much respect. Usually a teacher that jokes becomes too much of a friend but she is just perfect at drawing the line and the kids never cross it. Anyway she was hugging Sophia and gave her a silver bracelet. It was so sweet. During the reception she had all her most inspiring teachers gathered around her. All the teachers she wished she could have honored were honored by other students so they were there and all with Sophia at one point. Senorita Simms, her Spanish teacher, Mrs Spoon the nicest math teacher alive, Lady Legue her 7th grade English teacher. It was such a great night and they were so proud of her.

Luke is called "The Rock" of his baseball team. He can pitch, catch and hit. They now put him in to pitch when we really need to get some strikes. He pitches alot actually and loves it. Baseball is his sport. He's a natural. When the coach calls him to the mound they say the "The Rock is on the mound!" He loves that.

So that is my speech. I am a happy person these days. Great job, great kids, about to celebrate 20 years of marriage and breaking down and just taking a loan and having someone rehab both our bathrooms lickety split!

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Brandi, I hope Alyssa is all better. She's got lots of dancing to do! Wink
Sam, congratulations to Sophia for her honor club induction. I know you are proud. And wtg Luke, "The Rock"!
We had an incredible weekend. The kids have today (Tuesday) off too for teacher workday, so I'm home with them.