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Hi friends. Sorry I have been MIA. I've had lots going on in my personal life and haven't had time to pop on and update. I have gallbladder disease and have gotten really, really sick. Sad Thankfully I get that gross thing removed on the 30th of this month and I can't wait to start feeling better! Though Brandi offered to come remove it for me. I told her to bring her scalpel. Wink Sam, you are a nurse so perhaps you two could team up and make me feel all better.

My mother in law also passed away unexpectedly on the 13th of last month and we all are very devastated about that. It's hard for Marshall as he now has no parents alive and is taking it pretty hard.

But in good news regarding my husband, he has nine awesome months of sobriety under his belt. It's not always easy but it's really worth it for our family.

Sorry again for ditching you all for so long. Hope you are happy and healthy! I will try my best to stick around now. Biggrin

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So glad you're back Kelli! We've missed you.
((((BIG HUGS)))) for it all!!! Sounds like you've been throuh a lot. I'm really sorry that you are suffering with your gall bladder. I bet you are counting down the days until it's removed. And I'm also really sorry about your MIL. More (((HUGS))) that must be so hard.
And you must be so proud of Marshall. Congrats to him, that is truly awesome!

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(((HUGS)))) to you all during this hard time. I lost my dad last year unexpectedly and its hard. I've been wondering how Marshall has been handling it. He and you all are in my thoughts! Just remember you have a special Angel now always looking down on you!

I wish you speedy recovery vibes for your surgery hun!

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Kelly, I've been thinking of you lots lately. Marshall has so much to be proud of, but surely is devastated without his mom. I'll bet you're counting the days until your surgery. I remember that awful pain! *Hugs* I hope you can at least eat a few tidbits of good food at Christmas without having your gall bladder wreak its revenge.

Love the family photos. Smile

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I am so happy Marshal has been doing so well! I really am sorry about his mom though. That is even harder at this time of year.

Get that gall bladder out! Why are they making you wait!? This explains alot of the "stomach flus" you thought you had in the past huh?

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Thanks so much friends. I have really missed you! Sad

And yes Sam, totally explains all the mystery "stomach flu" incidents. Yucko!