Hello old friends...

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Hello old friends...

Met ML for dinner in Philadelphia a few weeks ago and it made me realize I miss the forum. Admittedly I keep in touch with most of you via Facebook and yet this forum seemed so much more intimate and caring, much less risk of drama. Of course I have myself to blame as I felt like there wasn't much to say on the daily threads... drop the kids off at school, write/sit on conference calls/swim/deal with kids in the afternoon. That's my life almost every day. Haha!

Hope all is well with you ladies as we head into another holiday season. This year went by so fast, didn't it??

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It was fantastic to see you again, Christa. The board has gotten so quiet. I just came on this morning and it took a minute to remember my log-in! I cannot believe it is November already. We had a bit of snow this morning just to remind me what's in store. I'm quite chilled now.
Have a wonderful week, Chirsta, and all you quite pg.org'ers out there!

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Hi Christa! Any pics of your get together????

Things are too quiet here ladies!!

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HI Christa! I have been very lax about coming on here lately and I don't even do Facebook. I suck! I hope things are going great for you down south!!

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Hey Christa! I want to see some pics too!

Things are quiet here.

Hope it picks up. Miss you ladies!

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I hope it picks up too - I'm afraid that they will delete our board if we don't start using it more and that would make me very sad Sad