It's Dylan's Birthday today!

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It's Dylan's Birthday today!

My big kid is 8 today!!! Happy Birthday to my sweet little Dylan! I can't believe he's 8. He's also just 8" shorter than I am now. We just measured him this morning. Won't be long before he towers over me.

He was so excited when he woke up this morning! We're going to Lonestar tonight for dinner with the whole family and then back here for Oreo Blizzard cake after.
His friend birthday party is going to be on the 25th. And we're having Ray's Reptiles come in for that. He's very excited for that too!

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Happy birthday, dear Dylan. EIGHT! That is really unbelievable. Have a great time celebrating!

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Happy Birthday Dylan!

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Happy Birthday Dylan!!!!! I am so in denial that our babies are turning 8 :shock:

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Happy 8th Birthday Dylan!!:thewave::thewave::bdaycake: Have a great time tonight!

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