July 12th

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July 12th

I just had a vacation day so I am well rested. Sorta. Another 3 day weekend. I wish they were all like that. John is off this week. He is doing stuff around here. I am working today. And it is hot! HOT HOT. We get some nice relief by Thurs though.

Went to see a friend yesterday. He was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer about 3 weeks ago. Stunned is all I can say. One day he was standing at the fence chatting and the next he was being taken to the ER by ambulance. Just awful. I brought him seafood chowder because his wife said his appetite was good. If I cant wrap my mind around it I cant imagine how he feels.

Nana is coming over today. She wasnt very pleasant at my sister's bday party on saturday. Nasty really. Sigh. She has been prone to mood swings her whole life but really....this was just ugh. I am the only one who can set her straight without her getting pissy. She doesnt act that way with me alone. She had better behave.

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Sorry about your friend Sam. Cancer seems to be a part of so many peoples lives. Heartbreaking.
Have fun with Nana!

I'm tired today. Dylan was a little bored this morning too so he spent his time getting on his sisters nerves. I can't really blame him though. He needs to be around kids his own age and I just can't make that happen everyday.
Soccer tonight for Savannah. I should post a pic of her face. She wiped out on her bike on Friday night and had a big bump in between her eyes, and now she has a black, yellow, red and purple bridge of her nose and both eyes!

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Wow Sam - makes you realize how fragile life is Sad All the best T&P to your friend!
YIKES that sounds like quite the bang up Samantha!!!

I'm cleaning today! I didn't sleep well last night so P let me have a nap before he started work at noon. It was nice to actually do some work for a few hours while the babies napped and not have them hanging off of me! The older kids are playing outside in this beautiful weather we are having! We have been so lucky with the weather since school ended that i'm afraid for it to end LOL though our lawn has seen better days!