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    Default july 18th

    Busy day here. Wednesdays have always been busy for me. The two one year olds are a handful. They are starting to fight over things especially me. LOL! I have to be holding both at the same time or else.

    Storms today thank goodness. WEll I would be happy with just rain. We need it so bad. Maybe we will go out to dinner tonight.

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    YAY for rain Sam! We're getting afternoon stuff here, but we really need a solid day of rain. Our grass is dying!

    Dance shoe day for Alyssa. I was going to take the kids to the pool, but it's looking like overcast for most of the day. I'm one of those crazy people that only likes to go to the pool when it's sunny! Guess I'll get some cleaning done!

    Less than 2 months to the cruise!!!!!! I'm getting crazy excited now!!! It's been a dream for SO long, and now it's so close!!!!
    Brandi, Scott, Alyssa, Connor & Tyler!

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    Brandi, GL shopping for the shoes. I like pool on sunny days too.
    Sam, I hope the 1yos will give you a break today.

    Trying to get some schoolwork done today in between refereeing kid fights. Waiting for N's dvlptl pediatrician to call me back about what might be tics. N's been moving and shaking all summer. It's always something, right?

    LEGOLAND 2010

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