July 28th

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July 28th

I know you guys are out there. say hi.

I have my physical today. I hate it but at least I will get to find out what that pain in my chest is all about. Sneezing and coughing is painful. It sometimes hurts when I stand up and occassionally when I take a deep breath. Curious.

So just working for now. And here come the troups. Bye

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Good luck today, Sam. I hope it's something that will pass quickly!
Hot one again here. Meeting N's 2nd gr teacher for coffee to have a mid-summer catch up. She is such a nice woman--my age, with 2 young kids. We have lots in common. After that, working up at the college on prepping my courses. I only have 3.5 weeks! Ugh. I've had to pay for babysitting so that I can get my work done, and my first paycheck isn't until mid-Sept: double ugh.