July 7th
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    Default July 7th

    Sophia needs to do a project before her Bat Mitzvah in April. It's a good deed. So she decided to help out an organization called CareBags4Kids. They sew small cloth bags and fill them with things like teddy bears, small blankets, books ect. When a child is removed from their homes by CPS and placed in a foster home they arrive with nothing. They dont have things to make them feel safe and comfortable so these bags are filled with things that can comfort them.
    Anyway we have a reunion next month so she called all my aunts and asked if they could spread the word and have everyone bring one item for the bags that she is going to sew. My mom is teaching her how to use the sewing machine.

    Hopefully we will fill and make 10-12 bags. That's our goal anyway. We are just waiting on the organization to send us the pattern for the bags. She is so crafty that this is a perfect project for her.

    Anyway just workiing. Again. I do have Monday off so that is something to look forward to.

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    That's an awesome idea Sam! I have a ton of stuffed animals, if I send them up will she use them? I hate to throw them away since they're all in great condition! Let me know!

    Going to get Alyssa fitted for her dance shoes today. Nothing else really planned. It is CRAZY humid outside, so I don't really want to be outside! Ick!
    Brandi, Scott, Alyssa, Connor & Tyler!

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    What a beautiful idea, Sam. I know she will feel so good about this.
    Brandi, we're getting the oppressive humidity too. And MOSQUITOS. Ugh.
    Had best friends stop over last night on their way up north, having a neighbor over for dinner, tonight, and have to get packed for beach week w/my family. Lots to do, but we are having fun doing it.

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