Jume 26th Luke bday!

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Jume 26th Luke bday!

Happy Birthday LUke!! He is officially 9. His party is done so there isnt much going on today since we are all working. John is taking him to the batting cages tonight. Last night he went out and bought himself his first aluminum bat and helmet with is bday money. He is excited to try them out. Since they are doing that we will do his dbay dinner tomorrow night. He picked Sonic.:rolleyes: SONIC! I will take the bday kid anywhere and he picked Sonic. Oh well. Its cheap anyway I guess. And we dont even have to leave the car.

Just working today and a massage tonight.

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Happy Birthday to Luke!!!

I've been so busy getting over the birthday weekend celebrations and now getting ready for our first camping trip on Thursday. Our friends from Toronto are coming with us and are staying here on Wednesday night so I need to have a clean house and pack the car for camping UGH! That's about it from here - just sooooo busy it seems!

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Happy Birthday Luke!!! Have fun at dinner tonight Smile

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Happy Birthday Luke!!!

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I missed this. Happy 9th Birthday Lukey Duke! Smile

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Happy birthday, Luke! Sounds like he's a man who knows what he wants. Wink