June 15th

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June 15th

Planning Luke's family party for this weekend. Had to be done the 18th because my SILs are leaving for Portugal the following week. Luke wants a bug cake.:o Icky. I went and dropped off some little plastic bugs to the bakery yeasterday. Other than that he wants pizza, hot dogs and ceasar salad for lunch. Pretty easy on me.

Today is my busiest day. Ya me. I feel guilty because I have yet to work out this week. Oh well. My tummy is acting up because I cut back on my meds so I let it slide but today I need to get on it. i am back to my full dose of meds so I hope it willkick back in soon.

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A bug cake! Eeek! We are having Ry's family party this weekend too and I think i'm going to do a Mario cake.

I still haven't organized Ry's friend party! Between him and P changing their minds, i'm going to lose my mind! We had a good day today, lots of outside time for the babies but it was a long nap day so I don't think it'll be an early night grrr... Guess i can't have it all eh? LOL.

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It's that stressful party time of year! Yuck on the bug cake Sam! lol.
Hope the kids don't stay up too late Melissa!

We're doing Dylan's family party on Friday (his actual birthday) and we're having it at Lonestar! Then we're coming back here for some dairy queen ice cream cake, yum!
His friend birthday party is on the 25th, and we're having Ray's Reptiles come. Very easy for me and super fun for the kids! Yay!