June 23

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June 23

Kids are home today! First day of summer vacation. Luke was so happy this morning. I started Weight Watchers on Sunday. So far I have lost 1 pound. Not bad in 4 days considering I am overdue for AF. I usually gain weight when I am PMSing. Maybe I can get another pound off this week if AF ever shows up.

I am going out tonight with my GF and her kids. We are both doing Weight Watchers so we will keep each other honest.

How is everyone?

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Good luck with WW Sam! I loved it!

We're back from Chicago. The drive was a nightmare! The drive home should have been about 11 hours...it was 15. We decided to go straight through (crazy us), and there was a bad accident at the Kentucky/Tennesee boarder. I was going out of my mind! On the way up, we stopped for the night in Louisville...Connor ended up with 5 stitches in his chin. I'm glad to be home!

Rainy, blah day here today. We need the rain though!! Alyssa is going to a friend's to play for awhile today, and I'm hanging out. Maybe I'll get the energy to do the endless laundry today!

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Good luck with Weight Watchers Sam! I'm going a weight loss thing as well, called Advocare. I'm on Day 4 and waiting for AF as well so I can drop some of this bloating weight. Good luck dear!! I know you can do it!
Welcome home Brandi! Sorry about all the trouble on the way home though. Poor Connor!

Tonight is another showing of Annie. Tonight, tomorrow, twice on Saturday and Sunday. There were ten performances scheduled so Morghan has been working her little tail off. She's having a blast though! I have a few photos on FB if you want to check them out. Smile I'm helping backstage tonight, which is always busy and fun. Trying my best to eat healthy and not crave my missing coffee! Wink Have a great day all!

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I know you're glad to have the kids home, Sam. Enjoy and GL w/WW!
Brandi, sounds like a stressful trip up and back. Hope you can relax some today.
Kelli, loved the photo of Morghan and the Annie kids on FB. I will go look for more today.
Nicky has some strange bumpy rash all over his face, neck, elbows, knees, and armpit. It must be an allergic reaction. I'm taking him to the nurse practitioner at lunchtime, but he doesn't know it yet. He's at basketball daycamp today, and I will have to surprise him at lunch. I hope I don't have to drag him out crying. He is not up for surprises like that, but I didn't know this morning that we'd need an appt. Ugh.

Ava has become a tiny tyrant. We are going back to a behavior reward system tonight, so am hoping that will help, along with some other techniques we are learning in our ADHD family behavior clinic (8 weeks). It's funny that we are there b/c of Nicky, but Ava is the main offender for which we are using all of our information. Nicky meets at the same time w/a group of kids w/dx of ADHD and other various initials; it's run by two therapists. I'm not sure it's helping him any yet, though. He lost some privileges there last night by not listening to the leaders and was in a foul mood when we left. Nothing to rival his little sister, however. :roll:

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Good luck with the WW Sam! Glad you have the kids home with you now.
That trip home sounds rough Brandi! Bet you're glad to be home!
Sounds like Morghan is doing great Kelli! Not on facebook so I can't see the pics.
Good luck with N today ML! Glad the behaviour clinic helps with Ava too. I need to start something new with my girls to help fix the attitudes they have sometimes when they are in a bad mood.

I went to the school yesterday for Eco Day in the park. But it rained in the afternoon and because I was just voluteering in the afternoon for Dakota's class, we just stayed inside. The rest of the school came back from the park early too. I really enjoyed it, I got to sit in on class and get a preview of the graduation concert. It was so adorable. Then I ended up get stuck with painting faces for 2 hours. I got to paint Dylan's face and most of his class, but then I had to go to the grade 3 class too. It was nice to be able to help out, but I would have liked being in Dakota's class a little more.

First night this week without a sport to go to! So I'm looking forward to curling up on the couch with DH and watching a movie.