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    I am so excited. I was looking at next weeks schedule and I realized no kids are coming! It just worked out that some kids changed days for the summer and the ones that are set for Monday are on vacation!! An unexpected day off with pay! It took me awhile to notice it which was funny. This week was nuts so I am thrilled.

    Other than that 90 degrees with possible storms and working. That is y day.

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    Oh, good deal Sam! It'll be nice to have a day at home with just your kiddos. Go do something fun!

    Work for me has also been nuts. But it's my ten year anniversary coming up and I got a little bonus. I am using it to take Morghan on a special 13th birthday trip to Disney. She gets 2.5 days off in October so that's when we are going to go. I booked this week! We are both pretty excited! Also...TGIF!
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