june 4th

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june 4th

Hi all. So rainy here. Another week of rain. My tummy is a little off. Started yesterday. Not sure what's up but it started after eating some grilled fish. Can't be sure the fish is to blame though since my tummy is terrible anyway on a good day.

I am drowning in laundry too. Our dryer is finished. It was making little burn marks on our clothes. John checked it out and the thing was falling apart so the drum was hanging and things were gettng stuck and burning. So off to Lowe's. We are getting it delivered tomorrowed. We are "free financed" to Kingdom Come around here. Sweet. Love it. Still going to take SOphia away though. Cant go back on that one.

Ok off to work. Hope you allhave a great day.

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Good luck with the dryer replacement, Sam. Maybe you can score a good deal!
Our weekend houseguests left this morning and I'm beat. Trying to catch up on housework/finances and social calendar. Kids' school ends Wednesday! Have to do more work at my school (administrative, not teaching) and am hoping the kids will cooperate and stay out of trouble while I work this summer. Have a nice week, everyone.