June 5th

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June 5th

I am getting my dryer today. For some reason I kept thinking it was coming yesterday but nope. Its today. I NEED that thing. I have a leaf and lawn trash bag filled with dirty clothes. It's like Mean Santa came to my house and left me his bag of dirty goodies. I also have 1/2 a laundry basket with more stuff too. FUN! I actually cant wait to do laundry. Thats how bad it is.

I think my day will end around 2:30 today. Ya me because I need to make a bank run and a hit the grocery store. We never got there this weekend and John has been working the second job so tonight I need to do it. The 2 bosses told me there is no good food in the house. So apparently we only have the "bad" food which means the stuff they dont want to eat. AND they dont like that their favorite clothes arent clean. I think I may get fired soon.
HAHQHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!! Go ahead. I dare them! Please do it! I would like to see them TRY to get someone else for this position. It pays crap.

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I love how you can make me smile, Sam. Smile HOpe the dryer solves some problems today.
Headed out to do errands today. Tomorrow is the last day of school! ARgh!

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Sam - your too funny!! Hope your dryer got delivered and you got to that mean Santa pile Wink
Ml - hope your errands went well!