June 6th

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June 6th

Where is everyone?

We had a crazy weather week last week. I cant even remember how many funnel clouds touched down. We NEVER get them. It was scary. We had one warning after another. Luckily the closest one was an hour away. The coast was protected by something they said but I cant remember what. Some wind or something. People actually died. Very sad.

The weekend was nice. John and I went for a massage at that school. Very good massage! We just hung out yesterday and went to the bookstore ect. Awesome weather.

Just working this week. I started my new 10 week old last week. She is adorable. I cant believe my big boy are leaving and I getting these tiny ones.

So nothing exciting really.

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Sam, good to hear from you! GLad you were safe, but I"m sure that was scary. Sad
Last day of school today, and Nicky is in a BAD mood, but I'm not sure why. Could be his sister's beastliness toward him yesterday, but it could just be knowing it's the last day. He is very sad to leave his friends and teacher, and we are leaving in 2 days for FLA, so his life is kind of up in the air at the moment. Still busy today, though. Have to volunteer for the last time in Ava's classroom, get the teacher gifts (nothing like leaving things for the last minute), and meet N's class at their picnic in the park. Had hoped to get over to campus to pick up my mail, but that might have to wait until tomorrow and I'll take the kids w/me. Ugh.

Have a great Monday, folks.

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Yikes Sam. Scary stuff. Hope that doesn't happen near you again.
Hope the kids enjoy their last day of school ML! Have fun at the park!

My weekend was busy! Entertained the inlaws all weekend. Exhausting. Dylan did awesome at his first communion and did a full page reading. I'm so proud of him! I'll post some pics today Smile He also got enough money to buy the iPOD touch he so desperately wants! We thought he'd have to wait until his birthday to get it but he has enough now so I think we'll take him on the weekend.
Mondays are now my only day that I'm not really busy with kids! I still have 4 extra other than my own, but I usually have 5. So I'm going to enjoy this 'quiet' day.

Happy Monday everyone!

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How scary Sam! Glad all is well with you guys!
Can't wait to see pics Samantha!
Hope N starts to enjoy his day ML!

Not too much to report here, pretty boring. I haven't been feeling too hot the last few days and we had a pretty busy weekend. I should be cleaning but I just don't feel like it Wink

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Massages and the book store sound perfect to me Sam! Smile Sorry for the scary weather though. Yuck!
I hope Nicky's last day is a fun one ML. Hopefully he'll cheer up.
I'm glad Dylan did so well this weekend Samantha. That's great.
I'm sure you can find something else to do rather than clean Melissa. Wink

So my good news? We got a new vehicle and our new washer and dryer set are on the way. Smile The bad news? We have to pay for all of that. Sad My poor mom van couldn't go much longer so we purchased a newer van. I'm thrilled I have something reliable again. I could totally do without the car payment however. Boo. Same thing with the washer and dryer. Ours stink! Laundry takes me forever. So it's a combo of good and bad I guess. Wink Oh well, what do ya do? This also means we are going to have to postpone our Disney trip most likely. That really bums me out! We're thinking about rescheduling for the spring maybe? We'll see.