June 6th

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June 6th

Well its been quite the morning here! I broke a brand new jar of saukrat (sp????) which smelt horrilbe and was not pleasant to clean up and then I stepped on a piece of glass meanwhile the babies thought it would be fun to empty the brand new container of blueberries. Oh and let's not forget about Jakey poo'ing on the floor - he's got the runs a bit and had an accident (which is so not like him but I think he couldn't help it!) Just another day in paradise Wink

Off to bring Jakey to speech in a bit and to return a shirt. Also need to clean as we are having playdate tonight!

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Oh, Melissa, it sounds like a crappy morning so far, no pun intended. Sad Hope the day improves and your playdate is fun.
My bad hip has gotten REALLY bad. Some of you might remember that I have a tear in the lining of my right hip joint. Walking was almost impossible and the pain was so bad that I got a steroid shot inside my joint about 5 or 6 years ago, I think. It worked WONDERS. But in the past month, the pain has returned and I'm having lots of difficulty now. Not quite sure what to do because a few days of bed rest seems to be out of the question with my busy schedule. UGH. Very frustrated and depressed at the moment--we've planned lots of fun activities in the next few weeks and I don't want to back out!