June 7th

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June 7th

Kellii sorry about the Disney trip that is awsome about the van and stuff!

Just working. Last night I went out on a spur of the moment dinner with a friend and our kids. I work for her and both our DHs were working late so we just decided to not cook. It was fun.

Nothing else to report really. Just getting hot here.

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Sam, glad you had a fun night out last night!
We're running errands and packing today. Have to drop Waldo at the kennel for a week's spa visit. I hate leaving him behind. He's so old and frail I worry we won't see him again! Sad

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Thanks Sam. Super bummed! Yay for no cooking on a week night. Biggrin
I bet he'll be happy when you return ML. Bring him back something special. Wink

Hi everyone! Not much here today either, just working like normal. It's in the 90's and our air went out! Ugh. The central air guys came for the third time this morning. I hope it's cool in our house this evening. Last night was AWFUL. Barf!