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Katy - everyone read

I went to look on FB after reading ML's post. It is not good. I found her sister's FB page and there is news that Katy has passed away. From what I gather it was recently, perhaps last week. Sad This makes me extremely heart broken.

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OMG I'm so sad as well Sad I've been wondering about her just recently. My thoughts are with Karl and the kids....

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OMG, that is so sad. I check her blog almost everyday and was so happy when she said her tumor has shrunk. My thoughts and prayers are with Karl and the kids as well, I can't imagine the kids having to grow up without their Mom. Sad That just breaks my heart.

I'm not on facebook, so if anyone hears anything else, can you post it here please?

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I'm just in shock and my stomach is sick. I have her journal bookmarked and hoped no new news was good news. Sad This is what a friend of hers posted to ML earlier:

Amy Barmeier Dru Mary, Katie lost her valiant battle on August 8.

And here is her sister's blog. I hope she doesn't mind me posting it. Her FB wall stated on Sunday that they were waiting to hear when the funeral would be.

I am trying!

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Thanks for posting the link, Kelli. So, so sad. Sad

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Just saw the news on FB thanks to messages from ML and Meagan. This is terrible news... I am heartsick for Karl, Alexander and Astrid. Thoughts with them, with Katy's extended family and with Katy's closest friends from this board. Rest in peace brave Katy.

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OMG. Poor Katy. Poor Karl, Alex and Astrid. I was remembering how we always drew each others names during our gift swaps on the board. We would laugh because either she had me or I had her. I actually had Alex for the first birthday swap I believe and we both had each other one Mother's Day. She even sent Rosie a pretty rose neck collar/decoration thing when we first brought her home.
We came close to meeting once but it didn't work out. I wish it had.

My thoughts and prayers are with her babies and Karl. She was so beautiful. smart, positive and brave. She will be missed.

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I'm so sad. I was always so inspired by her positive thinking and her hard fought battle. I was thrilled when I saw her last post about her tumor shrinking. My heart goes out to her husband and kids. Rest in peace Katy...you were amazing!

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I know I haven't posted here in ages, but I just had to stop by to say how sorry I am to hear about Katy Sad . My heart breaks for her family, and especially her children.

(((HUGS))) to all of you....

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Carolyn come back and post for a happy reason. It would be good to hear from the old gang.

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I haven't stopped thinking about this. I just cannot believe she is gone. Sad Katy was amazing. Beautiful and wonderful. I'm so sad.

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Kellie, thanks for posting the link to her sister's blog. That at least helps give some perspective as to what happened in the weeks since she posted that the tumor had shrunk. She seemed to be doing much better, riding, etc. This is so sad.

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Just want to say I have been thinking of everyone here since Meagan and ML told me on Facebook yesterday... been reeling a bit since then...
It has been a long time since I posted on here... woah, all the kiddos are huge.

Take care everyone.. and praying for you guys.

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Hey ladies, I just read about Katy. Sad So sad.