Long Weekend Thread!

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Long Weekend Thread!

We have noooooooo plans for this weekend and its kinda nice! I am going to clean out the basement as we want to get some carpet to throw down there for the kids to play. P has a football game to go to on Monday with work so I think we'll hang with the neighbours as her DH is going too. The kids need to get some good sleep this weekend to get ready for school on Tuesday!

Oh and we checked the class lists last night and YAY Ry isn't with that kid! They can still play at nutrition break but i'm hoping that they'll just go their seperate ways. And Amber has the friend she really wanted in her class! Her BFF is going to a new school so I was really crossing my fingers that H would be in her class again or that would have been a double blow for her WHEW!

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That is rocking good news about the school, Melissa. Enjoy your free weekend!
We also have an open weekend. Hoping Dave can make dinner tonight b/c I have to go into campus to work. I lost a LOT of work time due to the hurricane: power going out, campus closing, my kids' school closing, etc.
Meanwhile, I've started playing Words for Friends on my new smart phone. Probably not the most efficient use of my time, but hey--I've already started a game with a certain "canadianlady" so I can't stop now!... Wink

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Great school new Melissa!
ML you need to have fun and I hear that canadianlady is nice.

No plans here either. We are about to leave to pick all kinds of fruit at our favorite farm. Tomorrow the kids are going fo the day with my sister so John and I might see a movie. Monday nada. We are doing what WE want this weekend. Love that. I didnt get any reading in this week because I was too wiped at night so I need to get some time in my reading corner.

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Melissa, I love good school news!! Smile
ML, Words with Friends is VERY addicting!!
Sam, enjoy your relaxing long weekend!

We don't have plans this weekend either. We went to mom and dad's for dinner tonight. We're supposed to get rain starting tomorrow night from the tropical depression in the gulf. We NEED the rain, but the torrential downpours may be bad. Clay doesn't soak up the water very fast! We may be floating by Wednesday!!

I have Tyler's cold, and mixed with allergies makes for a miserable me. I have so much to do. I have to get everything in order for my mom and dad since they're watching the kids while Scott and I are on our 10th anniversary cruise!!!! We leave Saturday. I SO need this!