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Ugh. We went to Luke's PE last night. We are late for it because the doc had to change the dates twice and then I had to change it once. Anywho he was born with a heart murmur. A non-issue all this time. Last night Dr. K said it sounded more pronounced. No click though. So now we are setting up an EKG. He assured me that 90% are normal. And I know that. But he is also not an alarmist so for him to have moved on to an EKG worries me.

On the good side there was a 4 pound weight gain and in the doc's words, " always a good thing for the L family.":D Luke was very proud of this.

So any words of wisedom from my ladies? I heard him dictate his notes and we are at a level 1-2 murmur now. I dont like the #2.

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Sorry Sam, I have no words of wisdom. But wanted to give you some big (((HUGS))) It's so stressful whenever there's even the slightest possibility that there could be something wrong with our children. I'm sure he's just being extra careful Smile
Keep us posted please! Yay for Luke gaining 4 lbs!

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First, YAY for the 4 pounds!! Smile

As far as the murmur goes, I have no knowledge at all. Sad I will inquire with my friend...she's a nurse and works in cardiac!

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Thanks ladies and I would love to hear what your cardiac nurse has to say.

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We went thru that with Amber a few years ago - I know how stressful it is. She had to go for 2 EKG's but all came out good. KUP and ((HUGS))

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I'm sure a weight gain is wonderful for your tiny family! Biggrin I hope the heart murmur turns out to be nothing though. I hope the EKG goes okay!

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Sam, glad to hear all is well other than that darned murmur. *hugs* I don't have any knowledge of this (except that Waldo is level 4 and is an ancient 16 years old...).

Please let us know how the EKG goes. I know it's scary.