March 10/11 weekend thread

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March 10/11 weekend thread

Brandi *I* think I sound sexy. You can tell me what you think IF YOU EVER CALL.:p
Samantha I wish you luck next week. I will be busy right along with you since everyone needed extra days next week.
ML do you know they are cheating BEFORE you spent too much time reading their stuff? At least that would save you time right? It would suck to read most of it before they show their true colors. If they cheat right at the opening paragraph you can just chuck it sooner rather than later.

Yesterday was sooooooooo crazy busy. I was glad to hit the sack after cleaning.
Today I am FINALLY finishing up with the florist. Last weekend I made some decisions but to save money I went to the dollar store and bought the vases. Her suggestion. It saved $15 a table times 8. So now I have to drop them off and finalized the order, pick up dog food, get a massage (the best part), and then take Sophia to a Bar Mitzvah of a friend. While she is partying John and I are taking LUke to Sonic (ewwwww) for dinner. His choice since he had a REALLY great week at school. Ewwwwwww once again. But still.

Hmmm I need to fit in dress shopping tooo.

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Sam, I wish I didn't have to waste that time, either.
Good luck with the preparations. Good job saving money on the vases!
I spent one hour in line to sign AVa up for riding camp. Knew three families in line, so I had people to talk to at least. Shopped for groceries and A's birthday party supplies at Target, then home and ate lunch. Now off to prep for creative writing class. It starts Monday! Have a great weekend, ladies.