March 22

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March 22

So Alyssa just got better from the flu/sinus infection, I started with the flu Wednesday, and Connor started with a fever this morning. Yeah, it's awesome in our house! School has a ton of kids out with the flu and strep. I sent Connor to the ped with Connor to see which he has. I'm assuming flu, but wanted to make sure it's not strep since his fever is higher than Alyssa and I. He also has an on and off belly ache, which neither of us had either. Had to cancel my trip to Chicago this weekend too. Not nice. Seems like every time I want to get away for the weekend, I get sick! Grrr.

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That sucks Brandi! Sorry you had to cancel your trip. That sucks a lot too.

Dylan got his braces off this week! Yay! He looks great. He also starting going to a pitching clinic once a week for baseball, DH says it's really good and he should learn a lot.

I'm getting my hair highlighted tomorrow (yay! I have soooooo much grey hair) and the kids are going to a friends house and then we're all going to watch the Croods. I'm excited to see it! It looks really good.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!