March 28

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March 28

After running a fever for 8 days, I'm finally fever free!!! I think the flu part has been over since Monday, but then I got a nasty sinus infection on top of it (dr Siam it's been really common with this strain). Now Tyler, the last of the sick people in the house, has strep. This one seems to go with a 4-5 day fever. Connor was running a fever for 4 days and finally went back to school today. Oh, and in the meantime, Scott ended up with the flu! It hasn't been a healthy household. I'm dying over here because my friend brought home her baby boy this past week and I want to go hold him so bad!! Hopefully next week when all is clear, since all of us have been sick!

Obviously nothing going on here! Still need to get out and finish up Easter baskets...something I was planning on getting done last week!! Alyssa was in a panic because she is going to dissect a shark with her gifted class next week. I told her I was going to help, but I've been so sick she thought I wasn't going! She'll be excited!

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OMG Brandi that must have sucked!!!!! Hope your household stays healthy for awhile. You guys seem to be really unlucky with fevers and streps! Poor you! Hope Alyssa has fun dissecting! Eww!

How are you Sam? I noticed no one was around for your last thread. Hope you had a good weekend. I bet you are looking forward to this long weekend! I sure am!

I had my hair done last weekend. Half the time and half the price and I love it! So I am one happy lady! No more grey Smile
Just trying to get packed up for our weekend in Toronto at the inlaws. I'm actually looking forward to just getting away. No housework, no cooking, just time with my kids and DH. And I guess the inlaws can hang out with us too. lol. We're also first communion dress shopping for Dakota.
We're coming home Sunday and I have Monday off so I'm super excited about that!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your long weekend!

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Happy weekend, girls. Brandi, I'm so glad you are feeling better. I hope the rest of the crew rallies soon. [Still cringing about dissecting a shark!] Sam, glad you are pleased with your hair. That is a morale booster. Smile

We're busy as usual, but all healthy (*knock wood*). Having friends over for dinner and play tonight. Hope to relax a bit this weekend, but still have lots of grading and prep to do for class Monday morning. Kids are off next week, but my college doesn't give a spring break.