March 6

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March 6

We're really slacking ladies! ;). I'm waiting for the ped to open so I can call and get Tyler in. He's got red cheeks. I thought it was just his eczema acting up because its been so cold, but it's no longer dry and still really red. I'm tired of sickies. Connor was down with a tummy bug Friday and Saturday.

Hope you northerners aren't buried in snow!

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Hope Tyler isn't too sick Brandi!

There is a nasty puking flu going around. I have 1 daycare kid down and I'm so afraid I'm going to get it. I feel really funny today but I'm hoping that it's all in my head or just because I'm really tired. I don't want to puke! lol.

Have to run to baseball registration tonight for Dylan, other than that just relaxing. I'm excited to sleep in on the weekend. I've been waking up extra early everyday to do Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30.

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Brandi hope Tyler is just so excited for spring that he is rosy cheeked.
Don't puke Samantha! I hate it soooo much too!

We have been slacking.

Not much snow coming here. Mostly rain so I hear but we shall see. Our forecasters are known to be wrong. Had my GI appt on Monday and a dental cleaning today. Now just my Mammogram and PE on the 19th. March is doctor month for me I guess.

I want it to be Saturday. I am wiped. I hope the quiche is done soon so we can eat and then I can crash.

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Too late. I have the flu. urgh. I hope I feel better sometime tonight because I have tomorrow off now so it'd be nice to actually be able to enjoy a day to myself.

Hope Saturday comes quick for you Sam!