march 7th

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march 7th

Feel better Samantha!

Ok it's snowing here and very windy. They were wrong maybe? I would like the kids home tomorrow so that would be fine. Especially since we will melt whatever falls on Saturday. It's going to be about 50. Welcome to New England!

Nothing going on today. Just work. I went to bed early last night and slept straight through the night. Unheard of. So that's my story for today.

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Hope you're feeling better Samantha!
Glad you slept good last night Sam! I don't know what sleeping through the night really feels like either.

So Tyler has Fifths. His poor arms and legs broke out in the rash yesterday afternoon. Everything I've read and heard is that the rash isn't as red as the cheeks. Not on my child!! He looks horrible! It's bright red. It's going to be close to 70 this weekend and the poor kid is going to want to wear short sleeves...he can't without anyone staring and talking. Sad I want to make it go away! I'm praying Alyssa doesnt get it. She has competition in a week and a half...she can't have this rash!

Nothing else new here. Getting ready for crazy baseball Saturday and some nice weather!