March 8

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March 8

Some idiot journalist just wrote that Beverly got off easy because we only got 6 inches of snow. Does he mean Beverly, Florida? Because from where I sit we have a foot and it's still coming down. They really screwed up that forecast! We also have winds gusting to 50MPH but I have kids here. People are still sitting on the highway trying to get to work and for what I ask you? Just stay home.

Anyway. My kids are home and i am not going anywhere!

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Yikes Sam! Sounds like you are getting hit hard. We actually have super nice weather today (for MN anyway) but we'll get snow all weekend the forecast says. Boo! Bring on spring! Is there a Beverly FL? Wink

TGIF! This has been a week for sure. It's gone by quickly but hasn't been easy. I need a weekend! The boys both have their Jump Rope for Heart events today and were excited to take their donation envelopes into school this morning. I wonder if it's because they then win a prize? Wink Perhaps! lol! Enjoy your Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!

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I hope all of those crazy parents trying to get to work are able to pick up their kids after work Sam!!
I need a lazy weekend too Kelli...just not happening. :/

I'd kill for a weekend off...especially this weekend! We have baseball and baseball pics tomorrow. Alyssa has tumble too. I need to get outside on Sunday and start cutting back bushes and maybe start some mulching. It's going to be almost 70!!!! This whiny southerner needs sun and warmth! We've had so much rain, that the yard is just soggy...and we have great drainage in our backyard! Time to dry out!