------ May 18th -------

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------ May 18th -------

I am tired! Savannah kept waking me up last night to hold her hand or to fix her blankets. I told her she can't do that anymore because it makes Mommy crabby in the morning. That usually works for a few days.

It's my anniversary today! I told DH all I want is for him to hang the shelf I put together yesterday Biggrin

T-ball for the girls tonight! Hope it doesn't rain.

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Happy Anniversary Sam.

Well my new fridge came yesterday and went just as quickly. Didnt fit. You can imagine my pissyness. I had emptied all the food out and had to put it all back in the SAME FRIDGE! So I reordered the same fridge but a bit smaller and paid $300 MORE!!!!!!!! MORE!!!! SMALLER!!! MORE~!~ WHAT? sigh. Oh well. 2 weeks before the next one comes in.

Just working today. I need a vacation.

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Happy Anniversary Samantha!!!!!!!
OMG Sam - how frustrating Sad :(

I'm heading out with my mom to get Emma's 1 year pics taken - only almost 8 months late but she's had a runny nose almost all winter long grrr....

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Thanks Biggrin

OMG Sam, you must be so MAD!
Good luck with the pics Melsisa!

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Happy Anniversary Samantha!
Oh Sam, I can just imagine. I bet you were pissed! We had to special order a small dishwasher because the cutout in our kitchen for that isn't the standard size. Yep, cost more then a bigger one. Ridiculous! I hope it shows up sooner than two weeks.
I hope the photos go well Melissa. Smile Emma. Biggrin

It's been sort of nuts around here. People are getting laid off at my job and my hours were cut awhile back. My job is thankfully safe for now but the pay cut is really going to hurt. We've been doing some things around the house and running around for all the concerts and events that come along with the ending of the school year. I just want one night to not worry about shuffling kids around or paying bills. ugh!