May 25th

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May 25th

Brandi I need all your tips and info on the cabins. HOw did I not know you stayed there?! I hear they are nice its just in the same category as camping so rustic keeps sticking in my head. I LOVE that YOU of all people liked it there. That makes me feel sooooooooooooooo much better!

We have SUN! Wooo hoooo! Taking babes for a walk by the water after the eat. I also met one of my new babis yesterday. She will be 10 weeks old next week when she starts with me and she is YUMMY!

Nothing else going on. John is working his second job again tonight. I have a love hate feeling about the second job of course. I totally appreciate that they needed him back because they money is great. BUT I miss him. Wont complain though.

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Enjoy your sun Sam! Smile We have cruddy weather today. Cold and dark. Boo! I know it stinks that John is gone but put some of that extra moolah towards Disney baby. Biggrin

Morning everyone! Not too much going on here. Just working like normal. In good news, our tax return was finally approved and released from audit by the IRS! Woo hoo! This has been a four month, scary process. I'm so glad it's over. We can breathe and finally pay down some debt. That will be a great feeling!

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SO glad to hear your are getting your tax money finally, Kelli! What a crummy experience.
Sam, enjoy the new baby, and keep thinking about how fun vacation will be with John's extra $$ and that you'll get him to yourself 24-7 that week!

Beautiful weather here today, thank goodness. Ran a million errands this a.m.; now have to shower and do some things around the house. Can't wait for the three-day weekend! (It's actually a 4-day weekend for everyone but Dave b/c of a teacher work day.)

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Sam, I'll give you a call next week when everything has settled down here and we can discuss! Smile