May 31

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May 31

What a great weekend! We had great weather though a little too warm for my taste. Saturday John and I got the day to ourselves. We brought the kids to my parents' for the night. John told me the whole day was mine and he would do whatever. I think he sensed my tension last week lol.

So first I got a make over at the Clinique counter. All I needed was foundation and blush but the girl heard John tell me it was my day and knew we were on a date so she redid my whole face then she gave me the free gift PLUS 2 other gifts which included a full eyeliner!
Then we went to the Disney store and John picked out 2 tee shirts for me and I used my reward points to get one of our passes for the November trip. A $300 pass only cost $85.

After that we went to Kittery. John sat outside the Dress Barn dressing for 45 minutes and gave opinions of everything I tried on. OTher women started coming out and asking him too. It was funny. I only ended up with one shirt but it was fun. After that we just walked around had seafood for dinner and then drove home.
Next thing I know John is suggesting I pick a movie. Now it's 8:30 at night and we never stay out late anymore. We ended up at a 9:30 showing of Bridesmaids. It was the funniest movie EVER. John wants to see it again on DVD it was that good. SEE IT! I laughed so much. We got home at 12:30 and crashed. Just a great night.

SUnday we did a cookout at my parents' and Monday we took the kids to Kung Fu Panda. It was just a great great weekend! I feel soooo much better!

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Wow Sam! Sounds like you had an amazing day! Glad you feel so much better, you deserve it!

It is stinkin' hot today! Savannah has soccer tonight and Dylan has baseball. Luckily it's in the same place.
The girls recitals on the weekend were so awesome! And the weather sucked for most of the weekend so we didn't mind being inside.
Trying to clean the house and get it ready for the weekend. We have a full house for Dylan's first communion. I can't clean too much today cause the kids will just trash it again I'm sure, but I don't want to be leaving everything until Thursday night!

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Samantha, I can't wait to see photos of your little ballerinas! GL prepping for the first communion party.
Sam, sounds like a divine "you" day with your honey. We saw Bridesmaids over the weekend and I agree--it was HILARIOUS. Blum 3

Great weekend here. Didn't accomplish much, but had lots of family time. Spent a few hours at the pool yesterday, played lots of games here at home, Dave and I had a movie night out Saturday. The new babysitter did well her first night. I have her booked for some summer and fall help, so I hope she stays consistent. The kids LOVE her! Just trying to clean up loose ends with the kids' school. Have to complete a scrapbook page for Nicky to give to his teacher for her memory book, take stuff for a Cancer Society donation celebration party, bug the guidance counselor about the 504 meeting, and go into campus to complete some summer forms. Kindergarten concert and end-of-year 2nd grade picnic await as well. Dave, Nicky, and I start an 8-wk ADHD Family Behavior Clinic Wed. night. We leave for FLA in eight days. EEEK! There is that to prep for, too. I guess my summer is starting out with a bang!

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Wow ML your always so busy!
Glad the recitals went well Samantha!!!
Your day sounds AWESOME Sam! I'm jealous Wink

Not much going on here today at all. Its super hot outside, very high humidex so we are housebound. I don't want to jinx it but the babies have slept straight thru 2 nights in a row!!! I'm still going to nap today though LOL.

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So glad you had a great weekend Sam!!! Good to know about Bridesmaids...a friend of mine and I have been dying to go!
Samantha, sometimes I wonder why I clean since the kids trash it all again! Smile
ML, you've got your plate full girl!! Good luck getting it all done!
YAY Melissa!!!! I'm glad they slept!!!

I'm counting the days until this week is over! Friday was the last day of school, Saturday Scott and I went to see Hangover 2. FUNNY FUNNY, but a little more "on the edge" than the first. It has more of a story line, which I didn't think the first one had. I got some running done Sunday, then yesterday I got to clean out EVERYTHING in my kitchen ALONE! We went to mom's for dinner, then Alyssa had her company pool party. She had her other one today. Connor has swim lessons all week, Alyssa has recital rehersals, and Ty has strep...again! After Sunday, recital, we'll be able to hang at the pool for a week. Then we have to go to the in-laws...yeah, I'm thrilled.

ANYWAY, you can see I'm staying on my toes! Crazy busy!