May 4th

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May 4th

I wasnt able to get on yesterday because I gave up on the login process after the 4th time. Today I come on and I am automatically logged on. WTF? Whatever.

Brandi you know my appliance issues so I am right there with ya. Go to Lowe's. They were having an 18 month free financing thing. That's how we afforded it. Our fridge is 18 years old and still chugging but on its way out. How do you explain an 8 year old washer crapping out? I say go and get the new models. Mine has steam and sanitizing options. I can kill 99.9% of all germs on the sanitizing option!! You know I love that! I also got the pedastal (sp). Now there is no more bending over! If you gotta buy the new washer and dryer have fun with it i say.

Kelli that is so sucky about the work hours being cut. When can you get them back? Maybe you can fill them in with a temp PT job? I would just go work at Dunkin' Dounuts or something for the time being. I hope this is over fast. Who the hell can pay their bills working full time let alone with shorter hours!?

Melissa poop will happen. I Know some kids feel like the poop is a part of their body and are afraid to flush it down. It just takes time and maturity. If he gets too upset about it he could hold it in. That is not a great option because then he is crabby and constipated. I would just wait a bit and not make too much of it. Just my opinion. Ya for the peeing though!!!!!!!!!!!

I am broke. Beyond broke. I will cry pity with the rest of you. I am NOT giving up my vacation though. NOPE. Can't. I get one week off a year. This is how I am spending it. Turning 40 sucks. I am fat, frumpy and not cute anymore. I am NOT NOT NOT giving up the trip that makes 40 slightly less horrifying. Man I was cute when I was young and 100 pounds.

Onto something else. My washer is awesome!! It sings when I press buttons!! Even when I hit the wrong thing and it gets mad at me and yells so sweetly. I was trying to have it do something on a cycle that it couldn't do and it just told me I was stupid in such a nice way. I love it.

And for those of you that like to make fun of my Disney planning obsession, I made my color coded schedule of parks and dining yesterday. Anyone want me to send it to them so they can chuckle?

Why is my dryer making a grinding sound? No freakin way.

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Maybe your dryer is feeling a bit unadequate next to that high-tech dryer Sam Lol

Nothing too much going on here today. I just went for a walk with my neighbour and thats about the excitement for the day. Its not raining so that is something to be happy about!

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Sam, your post brightened my day! Thanks for being you. Smile
Melissa, glad you got a walk in today.
I'm feeling pretty good 6 days out from surgery. Still sore in the mid-section, but my appetite is finally back. I made dinner last night (an easy one), so I guess I can't fool my family into thinking I have to stay off my feet anymore. Wink