May 5th

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May 5th

ML I am so glad I made you smile yesterday. Usually just being me is what gets me in trouble. At least I'm good for someone!

Hmm. I wish I had something to say today. I had diarrhea of the mouth yesterday in my post but today I am constipated.

No one wanted to see my colored coded chart yesterday. I am a little offended.

Oh they charged me $85 too much for the fridge. I just happened to see the right price on their website and did the math. They were supposed to give me 15% off but their system set up that fridge for 10% off for some reason. It's being fixed but still. I should have been more careful. Cant believe I missed it. That $85 pays the electric bill ya know.

Ok. Off to make a color coded chart for how I will be spending Mother's Day. Kidding. Maybe.

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OMG Sam your too funny!!! And yeah the difference between 10 and 15% on big ticket items does add up!

Emma was up sick all night last night, i'm praying that they will nap at the same time today cause I think i maybe got 3 hours of broken sleep SIGH... I did get a walk in with my neighbour still this morning so I'm happy about that. But I can't do any other exercise since I was running while playing with Emma last night and my one foot got caught in the other legs pant leg and I toppled over like a freakin' tree. My whole right side, especially my arm is sooooooooo sore. I'm sure it was quite the sight to see :roll: Thats what I get for running in the house I suppose LOL.

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Oh Samma ramma lama, you know me. Send me the sheet. I'll hang it up on my fridge because that's how much I love your obsessive planning ways. Wink
3 hours is NOT enough Melissa. I hope you can nap!

Ugh, heartburn. I'm sure I have acid reflux issues as I have had heartburn multiple times a day for weeks now. I've been popping Tums and picked up some OTC Prevacid yesterday. I hope this does the trick. Today we are supposed to have a meeting about our reduced hours. Nervous as heck. I'll update when it's over. Blah! Have a good day everyone.

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Kelli, I am so sorry to read that you all have to take reductions. Sad That is really, really crappy. I hope the meeting goes okay and they have an end point in sight where they will bump everyone back up to normal. *hugs* I hope your tummy feels better, too.

Melissa, OUCH! Take some tylenol and take a nap! *hugs* to you too.

Sam, you are my much-needed entertainment for the day. We will be at Universal in a month: how soon do we need to make our lunch reservations at Mythos, to get the time we want, do you think? And is it best to buy our Islands of Adventure tickets online before we head down? I know you've done your homework, even though you haven't been yet, so pls advise. Smile

Still shaping up my 504 requested accommodations letter. I hate having to send all that personal stuff to the school, cc'ed to every Tom, ****, and Harry. One of the teachers left one of my letters in the copy machine a few months ago and a MOM I know who was volunteering there found it and called me to tell me! Another teacher did a "repy all" to an email last month and included some 504 plan information unrelated to the email's topic. Ugh. People are not careful with our privacy which makes me very nervous to give all this material over to them! Sad

edited to add: oh good golly, I wrote the word "****" and the org bleeped it. How do they think people get pregnant anyway? :roll:

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ML I have no tricks or advice for Universal. The only things I am sure about is that the price of the tickets are a bit lower if you dont get them at the gate and that you can book Mythos anytime. I have mine booked for November. They are only open for lunch I believe and they are the only place that takes ressies. I would bet that makes them a crowded place to dine.

Dont temp me Kelli!

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ML, book Mythos NOW! It's the only one that gets booked up! If you have AAA, or know anyone that does, they're the cheapest to get the tickets from. If you don't, buy them online before you go!