May 7th & 8th

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May 7th & 8th

My kids are with their grandparents and John is at work. My house is almost all cleaned and the laundry is started. Can you say early Mother's Day? It is quiet and I slept till 8:30. A friend of mine called to discuss Disney which I love. They are going the same time we are and they wanted to switch hotels to the one we are staying at. She wanted to know how I felt about that. That was nice of her but I said she should do what she wants. We have already discussed how much we are going to be together (one breakfast and a few hours at one park) so it's fine with me.

Other than that I am just sitting drinking my coffee and about to sit and read before I get ready to go out. Ahhh.

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Enjoy your early Mother's Day, Sam! Sounds divine. Smile
Already one meltdown and one soccer game under our belts today. Going to a friend's first Communion party at 2:30. BEAUTIFUL day today. Finally.

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Glad you had a quiet day Sam! I'm sooooooo jealous Wink I don't think I'll ever get time alone again LOL.
Yay for great weather ML! It was finally nice here too!

Happy Mother's Day ladies! We had a good day, I got to sleep in! And then we spend the day at the park, which is getting more and more difficult. Man last year was so easy with Emma being a lil'babe in the stroller but this year she wants down and is all over the place! Have I mentioned before how strong-willed she is? Wink Man she is the one that is going to turn me grey!

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Aw Sam, it sounds like it was a very peaceful morning. I love those!
Hope you enjoyed your weather ML! Love beautiful weekends.
Lol Melissa! Glad you got to sleep in at least before you had to wrangle Emma at the park.

Happy late Mother's Day friends! I'm so blessed to have made such great friends over eight years ago. Can you believe we have all been together this long? Hope you all had a beautiful, special Mother's Day! Smile