---- May 9th-----

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---- May 9th-----

Hello ladies! Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day yesterday!

I had to share the day with DH because it was his birthday yesterday! But it was still ok, he offered to wake up with the kids but they let me sleep until 9 anyway. So I got up. I took on a little too much, decided to make cupcakes and homemade lemon merigne pie. It took a couple hours, if I was smart, I would have decided just to buy them so I could do some relaxing instead! Then we went for birthday/mother's day dinner at my parents and we played outside and had a great time!
The kiddies got me a gift certificate for a pedicure and made some really great cards for me. So I'm a happy Mommy!

Tonight is the last night of quiet before baseball season starts tomorrow night!

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Awww sounds like you had a good day Samantha!

I'm cleaning today as i'm hosting our little group of weight loss support group tonight! There's only 4 of us but hopefully the motivation will help me lose this weight! I've been awful the past few months Sad