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How is Ava doing with going to school?

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Thanks, Sam. They had days off Mon and Tues off for P/T conferences, so this morning was the first back after a long time away. Tears. Resistance to getting on the bus. Did not eat breakfast. My fingers are crossed that some of her techniques will help her today. I conferenced w/her teacher and the guidance counselor Monday morning and we compared notes and solidified the game plan. She has lots of support from staff and from her classmates, thankfully. She saw the psychologist again Monday morning and that was somewhat helpful, although I was horrified when the woman told Ava she was "looking a little skinny." All we need is for Ava to develop a body-image problem mixed in with all this fear of death. She's been thinking about car accidents, tornadoes and getting old all weekend, she told me last night. Deep breath.

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I hope she turns a corner soon! I think it's awesome that the staff is being so understanding and helpful! A lot of schools would tell you it's your problem and to fix it yourself. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you ML! ((HUGS))

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That's alot for a little girl to worry about. I hope she is doing better with all the support. ((((HUGS))))