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!Monday, Jun 3, Daily!

Good Monday morning. I know some of your kids are already off school. How's that going?
We have a week and a day left of school here. I'm stressed. Am going to a meditation workshop this weekend--hoping to get a little more serenity.
Happy June! Smile

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We still have school here until the end of this month! I'm dreading summer vacay a bit, not sure I can handle all.the.fighting! SIGH Its a lot with all 4 of them fighting over various things! Sorry your so stressed ML! Hope your weekend can help you out ((HUGS))

We are finally all settled into this house! I have a busy end of this week so i'm just kicking it back the next couple of days and taking it easy! I haven't been able to log into PO for the past week or so - soooo frustrating! I can log in and then as soon as I click on the forums, it throws me out Sad

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I know how you feel ML! I was stressed out at the end of school. :/
Glad you're settled in Melissa!

We're done with school, and just finished the 9 show recital weekend! I'm exhausted today, and so is Alyssa. We hung out just to recover today...and I took a little nap! Smile We got her audition results today and she moved up a group! She's thrilled to stay with her close friends. There are 2 in the group now that will cause trouble, so it's going to be an interesting year. Right now, we're concentrating on nationals at the end of the month, and we'll worry about the rest when we have to!

Not much planned this week. Pool time and Tyler has Tae Kwon Do testing on Friday. Connor has baseball practice thrown in a couple days this week too. It is going to be nice to be wake up when we want to! Smile

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ML I think we could all use a little serenity. Bring some back for everyone. Have fun!
Melissa there you are! Glad your loving your house and the summer goes too fast so dont worry about it!
Brandi congrats to Alyssa! Good for her!

I am about to leave for the airport. 2 nights in Disney and 3 on the cruise. Disney is taking us out to dinner tonight. I hope I look fancy enough. It's a place called Citricos. We have a meeting almost as soon as we get to the resort. We are going to the Disney Florist area and group sales I think and then dinner. Tomorrow is a free day of parks and then the cruise on Thurs. Pray I don't get seasick. Our room is midship so I am told that is a great thing.
I'll see you guys on Monday! Have a great week/weekend.

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Have fun Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to Alyssa for moving up a group Brandi!

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Sam...there's a patch that I get called TransdermX. It's over the counter and just sticks on behind your ear. It's good for 3 days and I went from throwing up and feeling sick on each and every plane ride...to being able to do whatever I want on a plane! I bet I could get drunk and still wouldn't throw up. lol. You should try it out just in case. Have a wicked awesome time on your trip! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Have fun relaxing Melissa!

Yay for Alyssa! That's really awesome! Good luck at Nationals! What competition are you going to?

Have fun this weekend ML! Hope you are stress free for awhile Smile

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I'm hoping the seas aren't too bad for Sam! Chatted with her yesterday and she said the weather was great, but now who knows. :/
Samantha, we're going to Applause in Charleston, SC! If anyone knows any good restaurants in that area, let me know!! We've never been. Hoping to get in a little beach time while we're there too!

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