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# nov 6 #

Go Vote! :). I'm so glad I went early. It's rainy and the kids are home from school because we use some of the schools for voting. I'm glad they're home because Disney channel will be on all day so I don't have to listen to the political stuff all day. I would prefer them to not say anything until they know for sure who won and be done with it!

We'll be doing crafty stuff today. Alyssa has tumble and dance, Ty has Tae Kwon Do, then we'll be going over to my mom and dad's for my dad's birthday.

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Have fun with the kids today Brandi!!

I'm so jealous of Sam being at Disney right now! I was there 1 year ago, I need to go back.

We had Dakota's birthday over the weekend. We took her to see the Beauty and the Beast on Broadway! We didn't tell her but still dressed her up in a fancy dress which just made her desperate to know where she was going, when we got there, she saw some girls in Belle dresses and then read the sign and figured it out. She was so excited and love the show!

DH and I have both have a cold that is kicking our butts. Savannah has a fever. But at least I have Friday off. Yay!

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Sam, that sounds like an awesome birthday for Dakota! Hope everyone gets well soon.
Brandi, have a nice day off with the family!

My kids are off b/c most schools are polling places! I voted this a.m. after Ava's therapy appt. Her anxiety has REALLY improved, but separating from me in the a.m. remains the big problem. I've got to teach in a few hours, but have to be home with the kids until the babysitter can get here. Ava has gymnastics tonight. Have a good day, all, and if you are a US Citizen, VOTE! Smile