November 2
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    Default November 2

    I always think getting to Disney early is an awesome idea until I do the math and realize I need to wake up at 4 am on travel day. Not sure how that is going to work. I am never good that early but I will get ready tonight so John just has to guide me to the car.
    We are excited though. I do have to work a normal day and do banking and cleaning. Can't wait for that to be done so I can be on vacation!

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    Sam, I hope you and Sophia have a FABULOUS time! Can't wait to hear about it.
    Ava's still having troubles in the a.m. Falling asleep at night is better, though. Long, slow road, it seems. I'm beat, fighting a migraine. Busy, as usual. Happy weekend!

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    Have fun Sam! I wanted to call you before you left, but that obviously didn't happen. . We'll have to chat when you get back so you can tell me about fantasyland!!
    I hope something clicks with Ava soon ML! I feel so bad for her, and you too!

    I've been non stop all week! I'm looking forward to having a laid back weekend! No dance, no baseball, just Scott's 40th birthday! Mom is taking the kids Saturday night so we can have a date night. Otherwise, I just want to get the Halloween decorations down before it gets cold again. It's going to be in the 70s here!
    Brandi, Scott, Alyssa, Connor & Tyler!

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    Your turn Sam!! Have a fabulous trip.
    I'm sorry you are battling a migraine ML. Feel better!
    Enjoy your date night Brandi. Sounds fun!!

    TGIF! Just working and going to have a movie night with the fam. I'm ready for the weekend and some sleeping in for sure! Enjoy it ladies!
    Kelli, mom to:
    Morghan, Mykenah, Dimitri & Michael

    "A happy family is but an earlier heaven." - George Bernard Shaw

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