November 20th
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    Default November 20th

    My parents want the kids tomorrow night. It will feel weird not waking up to them on Thanksgiving but a date night will be nice too. Maybe go see a movie or something.

    I am going out to dinner with a GF tonight. I hope I can wake up. I am feeling so tired this morning so I need some energy to get me to dinner. I got myself a new Keurig machine. I guess I have been accumulating points on their site. I got the Platinum machine for $85 instead of $180. I love it so much more than the little one I have. It has a digital display and I can adjust cup size and temp of the water. My little one did none of that. Didn't even have the compartment to hold the water. And it was always freezing up on me. I would have to reset it by unplugging it for a few hours then it would work. I am very happy with my fancy one now.

    I am out of stuff to say. I wish i knew how to navigate Black Friday like these crazy women you see on TV. I need an ipod touch.

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    Have a fun night to yourselves tomorrow Sam! You're lucky to have someone to want to take your kids for the night. Have fun with the new Keurig! No tips for black Friday shopping, I wouldn't be brave enough for those crowds.

    I didn't do any major damage on my nose, just an inch long scrap. A deep one so I'm sure I'll get an ugly scar.
    The boys here in the house go a little nuts around here in the morning. Just boys being boys but it drives me a little crazy.

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