November 26

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November 26

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. I love 4 day weekends. We ate at my parents house then got our tree. Did some holiday shopping. I am about 2/3 of the way done I would say. I am stuck on one person. Actually 2. Nana and grammy are tough. They have small apartments so it's a tough choice on what to get them.

So just working today and maybe an errand or 2 tonight.

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I love 4 day weekends too, but I didn't get to have one!!! lol. Sounds like you had a good holiday Sam Smile Good luck with the Christmas shopping.

The weekend went by too fast. We didn't stay home very much so I didn't get enough cleaning done and my house still looks so messy. But, we put our tree up and decorated the house! Yay! Then we went to my parents yesterday and helped them decorate a little bit too. We had a fun weekend Smile

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I love four day weekends too Sam! They always go so quickly though. Boo!
I'm glad your weekend was a fun one Samantha. It seems there is never enough time to get the cleaning done.

Good morning girls! I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is over and now we're full steam into the Christmas season. Geesh. Where does time go? The weekend flew by though it was a nice one. We also got our tree up thankfully. I'm just working this week and starting on the kids' Christmas lists. I need to get moving!

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Glad everyone had nice weekends. We enjoyed ours too. You guys are all so speedy with the trees. We're going to get ours in 2 more weeks because we can never keep them from dropping all their dang needles before Christmas comes! Either I forget to water or the air is too dry or something.

Have a great week.