October 15

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October 15

Ugh. Sophia is not used to being sick and so she is struggling. She is on an antibiotic for the first time since she was 5 years old. She has tons of fluid in her ear and swollen glands and since we are leaving in less than 3 weeks our NP wanted to get things started. Luckily our NP comes here 3 days a week to drop off her son soooooo she has been asking for updates and if things aren't better by Wed we will switch meds. I sent her off to school and may be getting a call late. Guilty mommy. She is already texting to come home.

Sigh. I see it being one of those days.

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Poor Sophia! :(. Better to be sick now instead of when you leave! Hope she bounces back soon!

Crazy weeks continue. This week is conference week too, so the kids are home an hour early all week. Throws everything off! Alyssa has dance 6 days this week, Connor has baseball tonight, and Ty has Tae Kwon Do. My mom's neighborhood garage sale is this weekend too, so I've been getting together junk for that. I need a vacation!

My BFF from college brought home her adopted baby from Ethiopia this past weekend! I'm SO happy for her! She is going to be the best mommy!