October 5th
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    Default October 5th

    Happy Belated Birthday Sam!

    I was sooo tired this morning. I hit the snooze and barely remember doing it. Thank goodness John is home. He got everyone to school on time. ANd might I add YAAAAA WOOO HOOO LONG WEEKEND! Columbus messed up but who cares! I love the man.

    Working and cleaning today. Fun. John has an appt this month for his vericose veins. He is finally having the second leg done. It's been 15 years since he had the first leg done. They are awful and painful and cuts don't heal. He will be home for a bit after too. He has the Appt on the 23rd then they set up a surgery date.

    Is it 5pm yet?

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    Enjoy your holiday weekend, Sam. My kids have today off for teacher in-service, but no holiday Monday. We're going to the Poconos w/friends for the weekend. We've never traveled with them, but their kids are exactly our kids' age and we've known each other for years. Should be fun!

    Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

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    Have fun ML!
    Glad John was a help this morning Sam!

    Its our Thanksgiving weekend. My cousin is getting married tomorrow so another cousin, his wife and their 2 DD's are coming to spend the weekend. On Sunday i'm having Thanksgiving Dinner for all of us, 2 sets of Aunts/Uncles, another Aunt and my Mom oh and maybe another cousin, his wife and their little girl. On Monday after my cousin's leave to go back home, i'm doing NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well actually I'll have tons of work to get caught up on since my pics will be due on Wednesday and I've only just begun them. Oh well. I will have a nap at least
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