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Thread: October already???

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    I miss you too Kelli!
    We have our 2014 agency discounts already planned and they will be in the system soon. I would LOVE to plan your trip!

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    How's your ankle been Brandi?
    ML - hope you get things sorted out soon with Ava's anxiety.
    Sam - sounds like you have your dream job there How's Sophia liking HS?
    Kelli - your girls are so beautiful! How did that happen that they became young woman right before our eyes?!?
    Samantha - you've got me curious girl! No secrets LOL.

    I've been so busy lately, just not sure doing what LOL! We just booked Great Wolf Lodge for the week after next so i'm excited about that! My friend and her family will be there one of the nights as well and all 4 of her kids are the same ages as ours so they are super excited! I start work mid-November - its just a temp position at a call centre processing college payments but it is the perfect hours for me which is the most important thing to me at this point since I don't want to pay out anything for after school care. 4 kids gets expensive fast LOL.
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