Sept 2nd

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Sept 2nd

Ok 6 kids and 3 dogs. Plus my 2 are home today for the holiday weekend. That is.....I have no words. We are dog sitting so that accounts for the extra dog. Is it time for bed?

Probably going fruit picking at the farm tomorrow. I love that. Oh. Gotta get through today first though. Sigh.

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Busy day Sam! I had a lot of days like that during the summer, minus the dogs, and I was completely exhausted by the end of the week!

We enjoyed my day off yesterday! Went to the dentist, shopping and then to a friends house and more shopping! Topped it off with Subway for dinner which is a favourite with the kids. It was a great day! Today we're going to the beach Smile
Not sure what our plans are for the long weekend. We might go up to a friend's cottage and then just relax on Monday and get the kids in bed early so they can get a good rest before school on Tuesday!

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!!!

Might do a little extra shopping online today. 77kids has 40% off everything all weekend!

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Yikes Sam! You are THE WOMAN!
Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned Samantha!

Not much going on here today. I thought P was going to be off today so I had planned on taking Emma to get her needles and Amber to get Xrays for her back (nothing major just ruling out scoliosis) but really don't want to drag all the kids with me BLAH! We will head out to the kids school either later this afternoon or this evening to check the class lists. I'm praying that Ry doesn't have one particular friend in his class. I actually wrote a letter to the Principal at the end of last year requesting they get split up and I'm hoping my request was honored - this child is TROUBLE! He is just exposed to waaaaaaaay to much for a kid his age. I feel bad for him as his father's in prison apparently and his mom is a piece of work but I have to look out for Ry's best interest! Okay rant over LOL.

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Melissa, hope they can separate that kid and your sweet boy. I totally understand your point of view. GL getting everything done today.
Samantha, I hope you enjoy your weekend. Sounds lovely!
Sam, sending survival vibes up your way. Maybe one of the dogs is like the nanny on Peter Pan and can watch out for some of the kids?

Day off for mine today, plus day off Monday. Took Ava to get her Flumist, so now both children are innoculated. Let's hope it's the right kind of protection. Went to Target after and Nicky used his birthday money to buy a Razor scooter and a Lego set. Ava used some saved up allowance to buy a LPS set and a neck pillow for car travel. I got a USB drive b/c my one from school is starting to get corrupt & I'm losing files. Sad Now we are home and kids are playing with their sets.

Nothing big for tonight. Making salmon patties for dinner; grading papers; will probably watch The King's Speech w/Dave.

Have a great weekend, friends!