Shout out to Sam!

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Shout out to Sam!

Did ya all know she is an official Disney planner?! Morghan and I have a special trip planned in October for her 13th birthday. Sam is our travel agent and she has done an amazing job. If you are thinking about taking a trip, contact her! Love her! Yahoo

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OMG! Kelli you crack me up. I didn't do anything you hadn't already done for yourself. But thank you. I am having fun with it. And I love finding the discounts for people! Thanks again!

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Sam was my unofficial planner for my trip back in November and she was a lifesaver! I would have been so lost without you Sam! Can't wait to plan my next one Smile

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I want you to plan one for me - can you magically talk DH's into agreeing to the trip as well?!? Wink

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Numbers Melissa. Numbers. See here is what you do. One of these days we can set up a phone call (it's free for me to call Canada) and we discuss what you would like to do and where you would want to stay. Then we put those things into the computer and I get some figures. When we find a price that you think would impress DH you show him. He doesn't know what he's missing because he has never been there right.

And the other thing you could do is send for the free planning DVD. Sit him down and watch it. He will be surprised I think. Some people think it's like Six Flags or that it's cheesy (I'm not naming any names stacey who was magically surprised and impressed). Maybe if he sees the DVD he will get a better idea. I also constantly watch out for discounts and I can apply them to reservations that people already have so there is a possibility of saving even more. Then there is the "OK I will go with my mom then" arguement. You know. "I want to go while the kids are still young enough to believe in the magic so I will go without you party pooper and you will miss this once in a lifetime memory." THat should do it/

Samantha let me know when you are ready! There is the new Fantasyland expansion starting to open up in stages and your girls would love it all!! They can eat in the Beast's Castle!