Thinking of you all...

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Thinking of you all...

that are going to be affected by the Hurricane! Keep safe ((HUGS))

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Thanks, Melissa. Not sure what we are going to get in the way of wind and flood damage here in Delaware, but I'm 100% sure we will lose power for at least several days. Sad

The kids are nervous, and Dave and I are too! Dave and I have been in two other hurricane direct hits and came through fine. In the first (David of 1980), my family had to stay at a shelter for a couple days but the house turned out fine, and the second (Fran, 1996?) was a week's worth of power outage, but only a few shingles off the roof! Hoping this one is similarly low-key.

Thinking of the rest of you girls in the way of Irene!

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Thanks Melissa. ML stay safe. Are you being told to evacuate?

I am very very worried about the tree situation in the back yard. I am being reassured by John that the mountains of tree limbs and trunks that are STILL there from the last downed pine are going to be fine because they are ON THE GROUND. I just pray nothing becomes airborne. The other worry is that we still have 3 pines that are standing about 50 feet high maybe? One is so close I can touch it from the deck. I am in a panic. If a 30 MPH wind could uproot one pine and tilt a second I am freaked out about TS/hurricane force winds. I just pray that nothing ends up in my kitchen.

Other than that I really do not want to lose power. That is a secondary concern of course.

I'm scared too ML. Hey ML send me your cell # so I can check in with you when all is said and done. I had it but now I dont.